Hezkey team

The core of Hezkey is a group of people sharing a passion for beautiful spaces. Our goal is to bring the interior design discipline closer to people and give them the opportunity to participate in developing a design concept for their interior.

Pavel Mrázek

Founder and CEO

Pavel is the father of the Hezkey business. He manages the company and oversees the development of our services.

Our work is about more than just residential and commercial interior designs. It is also about the satisfaction and joy that springs from new ideas and unexpected solutions. I make sure that each customer leaves us contented.

Kristina Rumlová

Project manager for residential interiors

Kristina makes sure that you enjoy our cooperation and that all goes well. She translates language of designers and architects into English and forth, guards satisfaction of customers and of the entire team.

I am happy to contribute to mutual understanding and satisfaction on all fronts, advocating not only beautiful interiors, but also pleasant cooperation, with a dream home as a result.

Martin Machů

Project manager for corporate interiors

Martin is here for corporate customers. He supervises your project to follow the schedule and budget. Martin is a liaison between the project on paper and in reality.

Let me take care of managing your project. You can just oversee how your project, conducted by experts, transfers into an amazing interior.

Tomáš Kořínek

Web developer

Tomáš lives for the Internet. He carefully checks that everything works as it should and that our service is user-friendly.

I create websites that any mortal, including those who have not mastered the world of zeroes and ones, can easily find their way around.

Matouš Roskovec

Copywriter and Brand Guardian

Matouš sets words into sentences across our communications and controls the direction in which our brand is heading.

The outcome of our work is the beautiful things and spaces that are used by people every day. I am happy to be a part of something that generates real value.

A piece of our story

When I was fitting out my new apartment, I tried to organize my thoughts whilst walking around the shops and looking for inspiration on the internet, but my uncertainty was actually magnified by an excess amount of information. So I decided to engage the services of a professional to help me design my apartment. Nonetheless, I found the offers of designers in the Czech market confusing and the discipline of interior design far too complex.

Eventually I discovered an interior design expert close to home, the architect Anna Borovská. She gave me a lot of useful advice about my apartment and helped me to get a grasp of this discipline. Aiming to assist other people in interior design matters we founded the Hezkey Company in the autumn of 2013. Step by step, we have put together a wide group of people who became similarly enthusiastic about our vision and thus we have been able to set up a strong team of interior architects and designers.

We are pleased to learn from our satisfied customers that our services save them time as well as money. Thanks to this we know that our effort is well worthwhile.

We look forward to helping you with your interior design.

Pavel Mrázek

Founder and CEO

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