Interior design is a part of your identity

The place where you do business reflects your attitude to work and customers alike. To make people feel comfortable in your premises, it is necessary to focus on much more than just where exactly the tables and chairs are going to be positioned – put simply, it is quite a complex matter.

The best non-residential space is created as a collaboration of architects, graphic designers and communication specialists. We are very lucky to have these people in our team.

We will be your partners from the initial design concept to the actual construction. We will offer you services and maintenance from our tried and trusted building companies and carpenters. We will select the most suitable furniture and furnishings at the best prices. And we will make sure that everything runs like clockwork.

How we design your unique interior

An exceptional interior will help you to win over new customers. How can we help?

Who we have cooperated with

"Hezkey prepared an interesting concept with reasonable budget for implementation in the minimum time, yet with maximum commitment.
Thank you for exceeding our expectations!"

Sandra Fridrichová, CEO advisor, Modrá pyramida

"I appreciate especially professionalism, resourcefulness, smooth communication and helpful approach to our requirements.
We are very satisfied with the result and we recommend Hezkey highly."

Yami sushi

"We have been fascinated by creativity, practicality of the interior design and speed of Hezkey - they have mastered all including the production within a month.
At the same time they offered us a full service - from design to custom-made production, photoshooting and shooting and production of two great videos."

Václav Gráf, Airbnb manager for the Czech Republic

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