How did we create an apartment that rents out for 66% more

It did not seem like an Airbnb hit to begin with

The apartment is located in Prague 2 away from the main tourist desired location. Marketa, who is the owner, was not convinced that the Airbnb investment would be a smart one. She thought the nightly rate wouldn’t go above 1500Czech crowns/nightly. She also wasn’t sure whether an aparments this far from the center would stay occupied (especially in the winter months) and how it would fare in the competition of 19 000 other apartments.

It was clear to her that her place must stand out. Marketa chose Hezkey to help her deliver just that. After the renovation she is able to rent the apartment for 2000Czech crowns/nightly and could not be happier with it’s occupancy.

How did we do it? We created an original and practical place that ensured high occupancy and positive reviews.

Before after flat reconstruction

Kitchen reconstruction interior design

Bold interior design bedroom rental flatBathroom reconstruction

The apartment has already received more than 25 positive reviews

Even apartments in less attractive areas can attract their guests with interesting design and perfect customer service

get best reviews for your airbnb flat

Airbnb guests do care about the apartment feel and furnishings. When you get their attention they will spread the word.

Airbnb byt - pozitivni recenzeAirbnb byt - pozitivni recenzeAirbnb byt - pozitivni recenze

The owner Marketa is happy and recommends Hezkey to other prospective Aribnb hosts

The results have exceeded my expectations. I love how fun and original the place looks. It's also very practical  which I appreciate. Throughout the whole process I felt that everybody had my best interest in mind and was invested in the project. Hezkey service was turn key and  I felt the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend them!

Thanks to the refurbish the owner is making 66% more which comes to 20 000Czech Crowns monthly.

Check out the renovated apartment in this short video 

>> And here are more photos of the place

How will you fare in the competition of 19 000 other apartments? Do not lower the rent, quite the opposite! Ask us how Ask us how >>